It's been said that one of the most important elements in growing wine grapes is "Location, Location, Location!” to which many people would agree. However many of us do not fully understand why this emphasis has been placed on a particular region with such tenacity.

Throughout the planet, exist unique geographical ecosystems that offer diverse growing environments, proving to be favorable for growing wine grapes. Varieties in soils, minerals, nutrients, and water tables create the ability for a specific handful of grapes to grow healthy, and showcase different flavor characteristics depending on these locales.

Weather plays a big role within these systems and can be categorized in mirco, macro, even meso-climates, offering the right temperature and wind variability which encourage grapes to grow. Vineyards that are rooted in the windy valley floor, respond to different growth apposed to the high mountain top vineyards due to their proximity of shade, rolling hills, wind breaks, and even electromagnetic pulses from deep within the earth.

The French have often used the term ‘terroir', of which there is no exact translation but is often related to terrain. This term gives us the same sense of place and devotion to the growing conditions that we speak of when we are looking at appellations and regions. Often seen as a mystery why grapes prefer diverse environments, it can be demystified and compared to a household garden. Just as the front and back of a house offer different conditions for plants, so grape vines prefer varying regions display a myriad of elemental ranges.

Throughout the planet, exist exquisite appellations, which are unique in location. Some regions have further notoriety than others, and some are waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. has a passion to promote and share these regions and introduce people to new undiscovered areas.

In the history of our planet, we are living in what should be considered the greatest wine producing age man has ever known. With technology and knowledge continuously increasing, sharing information to discover landscapes, that perform best, we are rewarded with the fruit of hard work, with years of research on regional diversity. We hope you will enjoy finding wines within these regions as rewarding as we do at