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Posted on 14-04-2017

Bio-Technology companies are always striving to find new and improved ways to develop better quality and efficiency of commercial products through genetic engineering. Such is the case of BioTork, a Florida based company focused on sustainability in agriculture, recycling, and perfecting renewable energy. 

Recently, BioTork has cultured new strains of yeast aimed to enrich the fermentation of grains in whisky making. The new strains of yeast have the potential of increasing alcohol production by up to 20% with a much shorter fermentation period. The CEO of BioTork states, “The beauty of our technology is that it would allow whiskey producers to make approximately up to 20% more alcohol from the same amount of starting material, and in a shorter amount of time. The potential for increasing production of whiskey from the same costs is monumental.” With whiskey production at an all-time high, this could allow whiskey manufacturers to increase sales significantly while cutting costs considerably.


BioTork has the” license to use a state-of-the-art patented proprietary technology” allowing them to develop “microorganisms through natural selection and evolutionary optimization.” Natural selection of these better-quality strains allows BioTork to offer non-GMO microorganisms or enhance GMO strains if desired. This technology integrated into whiskey production is a complimentary balance of bio-science and human creation.

More information on BioTork and their yeasts can be found at: http://biotork.com/technology/