Steven Roebuck

Posted on 11-03-2017

Author: Steven Roebuck

Date: 9/22/2016

Wine Value Ratings came about one Saturday afternoon when my good friend and partner (Anthony Stelluto) and I (Stephen Roebuck) were enjoying some wine as we usually do.  Both Anthony and I are wine enthusiasts and have developed a discriminating palate, and have been collecting wine and drinking it for most of our lives.  However, this Saturday illuminated the obvious to us as we had just finished two extremely expensive bottles of wine (around $200 each) and decided to open one more to end the day.  This other bottle of wine was not even close to the price point of the other bottles we had just enjoyed, but it was shockingly wonderful!  We looked at one another and cumulatively agreed that it was superior to the expensive bottles we just had; thus, we grabbed our smart phones and iPads and looked up all the wines. 

We knew the answer, but needed to verify ………………….. the critics gave the less expensive wine a better quality rating than the expensive wines.  At that point we found a need and decided to fill it by creating Wine Value Ratings. 

Wine Value Ratings empowers the consumer to pick a desired quality range, critic(s), price point, wine type, varietal, region, appellation, and more.  We take the criteria the consumer has selected and integrate the critic’s quality ratings with the price to find value, based off the desired selection.  This lets you find the very best value of wine for what you are looking for, regardless of your price point.  Thus if you are looking for a $25.00 bottle of wine or a $500.00 bottle of wine, our system will do the homework for you and find the best wine in your price range.  We also give the consumer a WVR Number that lets them know how much they are paying for each critic point given to a particular wine.  We have been told by users that Wine Value Rating is like having a Sommelier in your pocket that does the homework for you!  We are excited about this new way to shop and are patent pending; however, our patent does not just cover wine!  Any product or service i.e. Hotels, Cars, Electronics, Restaurants, etc. that has a quality rating can be integrated with price to find value!  If you like Wine Value Ratings we hope you will keep an eye out for our other Value Ratings platforms to come in the future. 

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