Posted on 15-03-2017

Author: Claire Dailey

Date: 3/31/2016

Unless you’ve been living under a strategically placed rock, you’ve most likely been bombarded by this buzzword pretty much wherever you go. So, what does this burgeoning section of the populous mean for the wine industry? Well, a whole damn lot. Millennials have emerged from the shadows of their Baby Boomer parents and crafted a whole new series of expectations when it comes to wine. The good news:
These Millennials have come thirsty and have adopted an affinity for grape juice of the alcoholic variety. 

Here’s the skinny:

Millennials are willing to experiment. The old world prestige of Bordeaux or the established excellence of Napa  is not enough to persuade the sipping tendencies of this generation. They prefer their vino a bit “weirder”, so to speak, traipsing to regions like Argentina, Oregon, South Africa and Greece for a glass that is to the left of classical canon. And now that the youngest Millennial has received their over-21 stamp of drinking approval, they are on the look-out for eclectic wines of quality. Bring on the Xinomavro!

Green is good. Following trends across homes, clothing, vehicles - you name it - Millennials want their wine to be eco-friendly. Ultimately, healthier vineyards equals tastier wine in your glass, so many wineries are adopting more natural farming practices in tandem with this sustainable demand. Isn’t it nice when we can all get along?

Did I mention Millennials like to drink? Yep, it’s true. Millennials classily coifed a whopping 42% of all wine drank in the US in 2015. And those especially committed sippers tossed back 3.1 glasses per sitting (while undoubtedly waxing philosophically about life). This group has serious purchasing power that should not be overlooked.

“Women are winning,” says these guys. We won’t make it a competition (mostly because it just doesn’t seem like a fair one) but among frequent drinkers, two-thirds were women. Millennial ladies are making the most premeditated wine purchases out there at 66%. You go, girls.

Is there an app for that? You betcha. From Delectable to CellarTracker to Drizly this drink savvy generation is keeping tabs on their wine on the go. If you haven’t hitched a ride on the mobile bandwagon yet, you better climb aboard. 

Ultimately, the dawn of the Millennial is positive (change is scary, but good. Now, repeat 5 times). These brave new drinkers are “tweaking” the current landscape of the wine industry and it will be interesting to see where this road less travelled will take us. In any case, it is an exciting time to be drinking wine!

About Claire Dailey:

Claire was born and raised in the utopian land of cheese and beer, also known as Wisconsin. After receiving her MBA in business marketing, she figured she’d do the next logical thing and make the great pilgrimage to Napa. Already a very avid and dependable wine drinker, Claire seeks to unite her love for wine with her marketing curiosity to create a coalition of the most awesome. She currently works at Staglin Family Vineyard in Rutherford while also co-founding Bandwidth, a digital marketing consultancy for wineries, with her partner, Scott Gilbert.