Posted on 15-03-2017

Author: Danny Rodriguez

Date: 10/21/2015

Dr. L Riesling 2013 with stuffed pork chops:

A simple young Riesling can have an acidity that cuts like a knife. The 2013 Dr. L Riesling is a fine example of that and more. A beautifully prepared stuffed pork chop served as the perfect partner for a classic white wine of Germany. A pairing that has been done for ages, came to life and made for a fantastic evening of food and wine.

 Riesling of the Mosel River Valley can be as crisp as the overnight temperatures of its cool continental climateAcidity in the grape is high when harvested and that character comes through after bottling. A porous slate soil in the vineyards enables drainage of steep slopes during winter rainfall and serves to retain heat from the sun of day. Brothers Ernst and Thomas Loosen source from longtime growers to produce this wine, which in 2014 made the Wine Spectators Top 100. Small production, single vineyard bottlings are produced at the Estate, which has been in the same family for more than 200 years.

A  perfectly tender pork chop offered the perfect match for such a wine of quality and lean beauty. The reaction of acid and protein coming together became the perfect base enabling other components to shine. A stuffing of finely chopped asparagus, mushroom and green apples, served as a perfect blend of flavors that were needed by both protein and wine. Every bit of character that the young wine had to offer was on display, as the tender pork served as the perfect background to the  varietals character. A very complex experience for a simple wine. It was more important how the acidity of the wine served the components of the dish, rather than the boldness or complexity of dry tannin. Every instance of bringing both food and wine to the palate, was a pleasure and an experience that everyone should have with food and wine!

I have always enjoyed Riesling as a glass on its own, but the wines are not done justice without bringing them to food. This wine is a thoughtful consistent host to food. Preparation is simple and easy. The most important point in preparation is the serving temperature and size of pour. Serve at a cool temperature that allows the wine to show character on both the nose and palate. An over chilled wine will be tight and narrow to the senses. Pour enough in the glass so that the wine is able to show its complexity in a timely manner. Enjoy!

I want to give a special thank you to Jamie Morton for her talents and the preparation of this amazing dish.