Chardonnay... This again...

Posted on 15-03-2017

Author: Mike Madigan

Date: 10/18/2015

I used to think I was anti-Chardonnay.  But not anymore, really.  Oak is not a bad thing, not at all negative.  If incorporated and integrated properly, mind you.  The one I’m sipping tonight, about 60% new French Oak, for close to 11 months. Maybe a bit more.  But it executes balance and charm, a well-placed palate and pace. And I don’t care how hypocritical I sound to people that know me, those that have been subjected to my Chardonnay wrath.  I’m proven wrong with Chardonnays like this, and I learn, that just the right amount of everything provides for what we all as wine sippers seek. Balance.

With this second glass and with more oxygen in its dimension, the wine shows more diligence in flavor and texture.  This Chardonnay shows not only a charm but a magic that I credit to the oak, to the winemaker, yes a close friend of mine, from the general equilibrium of all factors and suggestions.  I’ll be honest, I love wines like this, that not only instruct but coerce me to reconsider my attitude and convictions.  I guess I’m one loving Chardonnay, now.  Certain Chardonnays, mind you.  So my opinion... Chardonnays can most certainly be swaying and seductive, if all provinces of the wine itself are truly balanced, and the winemaker’s enthusiasm and talent are immediately visible.  My opinion and thoughts on Chard’ has morphed, and I feel more than enriched at the end of this second glass.  Think I’ll throw a third.
    Sip, sip.....