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Blossom Water

Author: Alma & Joe Filutze

Date: 10/15/2016

New and exciting products are formed and created with aspirations of becoming that “one of a kind” concept. That is exactly what President and Co-Founder Steve Fortuna had in mind when he created Blossom Water, a floral enhanced water that is sweeping across the country.

Blossom Water was established in 2013 and currently features four flavored waters; Lemon-Rose, Plum- Jasmin, Grapefruit- Lilac, and Pomegranate- Geranium. Blossom waters have made a huge impression in the Trade show arena and recently won a 2015 NEXTY award nomination for its leading edge in the natural product trend.

The flavor enhanced waters were created on the idea of blending floral essences with purified water to create a perfect balance of fruit and flower. Blossom Water had achieved this through carefully combining the precise amount of fruit base, floral essence with a hint of natural sweetener, bringing together a wonderfully satisfying drink.


Blossom water is currently being sold in over 1,075 stores owned by the Kroger Co. plans for future expansion are taking place. Because of Blossom Water’s fine quality product and unique creation of their enhanced waters, the company is looking toward a bright future.