El Pollo Gordo

Phone:(818) 846-0728 

Address : 916 W Burbank Blvd ,Burbank , California 91506 USA

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Phone:(213) 743-3834 

Address : 900 W Olympic Blvd ,Los Angeles , California 90015 USA

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El Puerto Escondido

Phone:(310) 670-1014 

Address : 915 W Arbor Vitae St ,Inglewood , California 90304 USA

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El Criollo Cuban Bar & Grill 

Phone:(818) 260-0211 

Address : 916 W Burbank Blvd Ste #d ,Burbank , California 91506 USA

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El Torito Restaurant 

Phone:(310) 376-0547 

Address : 100 Fishermans Wharf #g ,Redondo Beach , California 90277 USA

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Euro Fusion Cuisine 

Phone:(323) 337-3707 

Address : 10024 Commerce Ave ,Tujunga , California 91402-2304 USA

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El Pescador 

Phone:(818) 361-0821 

Address : 1009 Truman St ,San Fernando , California 91340 USA

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El Buen Taco 


Address : 1009 W Avenue I ,Lancaster 93534 USA

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El Rancho 

Phone:(626) 452-9363 

Address : 10108 Garvey Ave ,South El Monte , California 91733 USA

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Phone:(818) 502-9922 

Address : 102 Caruso Ave ,Glendale , California 91210 USA

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El Pollo Campeon 

Phone:(818) 365-4464 

Address : 1022 San Fernando Rd # #a ,San Fernando , California 91340 USA

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Earth Bar 

Phone:(310) 552-3227 

Address : 10220 Constellation Blvd ,Los Angeles , California 90067 USA

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El Puerto Escondido 

Phone:(310) 671-8207 

Address : 10321 Hawthorne Blvd ,Inglewood , California 90304 USA

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El Burrito Grande 

Phone:(626) 442-3890 

Address : 10326 Lower Azusa Rd ,El Monte , California 91731 USA

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El Torogoz Restaurant 

Phone:(323) 564-1488 

Address : 10406 Long Beach Blvd ,Lynwood , California 90262 USA

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El Nopal

Phone:(310) 559-4732 

Address : 10426 National Blvd ,Los Angeles , California 90034 USA

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El Paraiso Bar 

Phone:(626) 394-3612 

Address : 10474 Valley Blvd ,El Monte , California 91731 USA

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El Michuacano 

Phone:(818) 469-9923 

Address : 10501 Magnolia Blvd ,North Hollywood , California 91601 USA

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Phone:(707) 542-8868

Address : 400 Mendocino Avenue Santa Rosa, California 95409 USA

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Phone:(509) 476-3266

Address : 712 14th Ave Oroville, Washington 98844

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  • Salty, Savory, Sour, Sweet, Bitter. The moment you open your mouth you may have already heightened your senses with the smell of the food but it is taste that dominates your sense of enjoyment.  You pour the wine, you ready your palate and you pause. The conversation takes over. Words fill your head. The sights of the restaurant intrigue you. The social interactions excite you. You sip and then you savor.

    What does the restaurant experience mean to you? Is it lit by a candle? Is the food served on a white table cloth? Do your taste buds take you to a rustic setting? Is your bread crunchy or is it soft? Is the wine red or white? The art of eating is just that. Art.

    There is no science to eating and the truth is the best meals often are accompanied by great company. A pleasant conversation changes a meal much like a fabulous wine compliments a great dish. While the setting is important the atmosphere dictates the outcome of the night. Paper plates and fresh fish on a beach. White table cloth and dim lights in an alcove.  A view of the sunset.  An elegant dining room. The restaurant experience is what you make it.  

    Grab a cocktail at the bar and take a journey with Buywine.com where we celebrate the art of eating. There will be laughter and flirtatious banter between strangers. There will be close up whispers over the sound of the dining room. You will glance and smile across the table. There will be plates to share and wine to savor.

    Most of all when we talk about food, we talk about our love for the entire package. It’s not just eating when you enter a restaurant with Buywine.com.