The Greatness of Vegas Gastronomy

Posted on 29-05-2017


A great meal while on vacation only works to help transport you deeper into the relaxation bliss that you seek when you get away. Descend into a dish that is ripe with flavors and swim in the indulgence of a stunning bottle of wine. Great meals effortlessly position your attitude while on vacation from a series of hurried activities to a moment in time that demands your attention to laugh, enjoy, participate and renew. Yes, good food can do all of that and these Las Vegas restaurants will help you along.


5 Las Vegas Restaurants That You Should Not Miss
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Costa Di Mare
Scour the seas for the freshest seafood and the most tantalizing flavors and your search would have you in the Mediterranean . Branzino, squid, giant prawns all make an appearance on the menu at Costa di Mare at Wynn Las Vegas and they just add to the show stopping excellence of the menu. If you can grab a table out side beside the glistening pond you’ll be in for a treat but the dining room is elegant and classy and perfet for a memorable meal. Wynn Las Vegas, Open Nightly, Dinner


Mr. Chow
The room is elegant, the service is impeccable and the food is exquisite. From the opening chicken satay that transitions into scallops and the shumai and then the loin and the sea bass and before you know it the desserts arrive. Champagne social hour and excellent cocktails only help to make this foray into fancy Chinese food a true Las Vegas experience. Caesars Palace Las Vegas Open Nightly, Dinner
It’s French and casual but refined and elegant all at once. The room is fun and adventurous and the menu is much the same. As you move through the starters you realize that so much of the shareable starters are worthy of a full meal. The energy of the dining room seduces you into a bit more laughter and a tad more wine and the flavors coming from the kitchen help you indulge a bit too much.  Don’t miss the bar for a pre-dinner drink and check out the sexy booth next to the kitchen. Aria Las vegas, Open nightly, Dinner, Brunch on Weekends
Carnevino Italian Steakhouse
There is a meat locker beside the kitchen that holds the gold of the protein world. Dry aged steaks that go beyond the elementary 30 day mark . These gems are aged into 3 digit territory. Over 100 days is the norm and quite a few have numbers in the 200 atmosphere. That means that proteins and fat and meat bits all transform the way science intended them to do and the way meat lovers love to experience. Carnevino Italian Steakhouse is not just a great place for wine and food and Italian cuisine, it’s a laboratory where great meat is transformed into much more than a meal, it becomes a delicacy. Palazzo Las Vegas, Open Daily, Lunch and Dinner


Harvest by Roy Ellamar
You might hear people giving lip service to the concept of farm to table cuisine in Las Vegas, but they really mean a California Farm to a Nevada table. At Harvest by Roy Ellamar he really is bringing in his food from right down the block. The native Hawaiian Chef who grew up with an appreciation for the land on the Big Island of Hawaii has sourced his ingredients from a nearby farmer and is doing his part to go as local as possible, even in the heart of the desert. Try a few of the shared plates and be sure to peruse the snack carts that come by. This is not dim sum, it is an approach to additions to the menu that just so happen to be prepared right before your eyes. Bellagio Las Vegas, Open Nightly