Consider Ecotourism For Your Next Adventure

Posted on May 31, 2017


Across the surface of the ocean not even ripple appeared near our boat. We sat waiting for a sign. We watched he horizon and we stared down into the clear warm water waiting.  Our patience would eventually pay off but these moments before we were rewarded, the silence of an early morning on the ocean off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula felt like our initial goal. Nature was showing off in the most subtle way possible. Lake like conditions on the open ocean, miles away from land, a serene sight was bestowed upon us.
And then, in an instant, the activity started and we saw the whale shark.


The excursion of a lifetime is one where we dream about something extraordinary happening and then so much more comes of it. Travel does that to you and it is not as difficult as you might think. SEEtheWILD offers trips that focus on adventure travel and ecotourism as they partner with organizations such as Inteprid Travel, Earthwatch Institute, Natural Habitat Adventures and Animal Experience International. 
Travel excursions that combine adrenaline induced exploration and conservation are becoming increasingly popular and SEEtheWILD makes it easy for the consumer to find a trip that fits. Imagine a travel adventure that educates you on the environment and the impacts on the local wildlife and communities all while you are treated to a first class experience.

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Check out a few of there upcoming trips that support responsible wildlife encounters that support conservation and education.
Swim With Whale Sharks, Mexico with Reefs to Rockies – Head to Isla De Mujeres just off the coast from Cancun ,Mexico for a chance at a whale shark encounter. The Whale Shark Biosphere Reserve protects 145,988 acres of surface area and below of water swimming with the largest living fish, the gentle whale shark. Snorkel around the island and get up close and personal with these giant spotted fish.
Trip Details:  The 5-day program available from June through August is priced at $825 USD per person and includes accommodations, two days of whale shark tours with lunch, snorkeling tour near Isla Mujeres, local guides, and accommodations. A donation to whale shark conservation efforts will be made on behalf of all trip participants.
Gray Whales & Espíritu Santo Island, Mexico with Red Travel Mexico – Enjoy the best that nature has to offer in Baja California Sur on this 5-day adventure that takes you from the Gulf of California to the Pacific coast. Observe the gray whales in Magdalena Bay, the final stop in their incredible yearly migration. While here, explore the sand dunes and mangrove canals that make this place the “jewel of the Pacific.” Back on the Gulf of California, you will experience Espíritu Santo Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can snorkel with sea lions and explore this majestic island paradise.
Trip Details: Starting at $855 USD person, the package includes 3-nights in La Paz, 2 gray whale watching expeditions, ground transportation from La Paz to Magdalena Bay and back, regional gourmet cuisine, 1-night in Magdalena Bay and a Espíritu Santo Island getaway.


Nicaragua Sea Turtle Research, Nicaragua with SEETurtles - Volunteer to help the critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle while exploring a beautiful mangrove estuary. Join SeeTurtles for a unique volunteer vacation to a remote corner of Nicaragua. Spend a week working to help the critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle while exploring a beautiful mangrove estuary. Padre Ramos Estuary, Nicaragua is one of only two major nesting areas for the critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle in the Eastern Pacific. On this trip, you will work hands on with local conservationists to study and protect hawksbills and explore a beautiful and quiet part of the country. 
Trip Details: The 8-day package is priced at $1295 USD per person and includes in-country transport, meals, lodging, activities, guides, and a donation to turtle conservation that will help to save at least 100 hatchlings per participant.
Wildlife Rescue Center, Costa Rica with Love Volunteers - Join a heart-warming program in Costa Rica and help with the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife. Groups of animals from birds to primates and reptiles that are indigenous to Costa Rica are at risk of losing their habitats from deforestation, poaching and trafficking. This program works for the rescue of these animals and the return of them to their natural habitats. Volunteers on this project play an essential role in the care of the rescued including Cleaning animal enclosures, feeding animals and assisting with emergency medical treatment when required.
Trip Details: The 7-day program starts at $250 USD per person and includes accommodation, food, orientation, in country transportation and support staff throughout the duration of the volunteer placement.
Leatherback Volunteer Vacation, Costa Rica with SEETurtles - Enjoy all that the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica has to offer by taking part in local giant sea turtle conservation efforts by night and explore the flora and fauna of the rainforest by day. Join local researchers at a remote research station and help search for leatherback turtles and ensure eggs are moved to the safety of hatching sites. Turtles will not be the only wildlife encounter; volunteers may catch sight of sloths, monkeys, and many more in the wildlife rich jungles. During your time off, explore the area, help clean the beach, or simply kick back, and relax in a hammock.
Trip Details:  The 4-day program starts at $1295 USD per person and includes in-country transport, meals, lodging, activities, guides, and a donation to turtle conservation that will help to save at least 100 hatchlings per participant.

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