9 Cities And 9 Things To Do, Time To Get Busy Exploring

Posted on 31-05-2017


If money was no object would you travel to 9 cities for 9 different things to do? Well, you can right here as we take you on a quick jaunt to experience a little of what is out there. Go ahead whet your appetite for travel with us at BuyWine.com.
Spend an afternoon roaming the great urban space that is New York City’s Central Park and you’ll rethink that opinion you have of the city as a place that is pure hustle and bustle. Walk across the great lawn or take a seat near The Pond and Hallet Nature Sanctuary and capture a glimpse of what New Yorkers are always willing to rave about, that is, NYC is far more evolved than most visitors ever get to see. These attractions as well as tours of the park given by the Conservancy are free with advanced reservations.

Spend a day in San Diego at Paradise Point Resort. This property located on Mission Bay is located right beside all the water sports action your active self needs. The views of the bay are fabulous and you’ll find yourself wandering the grounds of the property realizing that this is your own private island. The rooms could be updated but for the most part you get a clean and comfortable hotel for a good price. San Diego attractions are nearby and Sea World is practically next door.  With four restaurants on property you will not go hungry and with happy hours with a view of the water in full swing you will never go thirsty. The resort has five pools as well as a full service spa.

The Getty Museum – If you seek out a daylong activity there is nothing quite like the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. The collection is vast and the grounds are spectacular. The views of the Pacific Ocean will leave your friends back home jealous when you share your images with them via social media. The museum is free and you just pay to park. If you want to visit the Getty Villa in Malibu you will need to make a reservation but it also is free.  Summer weekend nights, the museum is open until 9pm and select dates also treat you with live entertainment in the museum courtyard.

Visitors to Washington D.C. often land in the sea of museums and monuments and are astonished to find so many free things to do. After all, the museums of the Smithsonian Institute are all free to enter and those picturesque monuments are easily captured and viewed from the outside where yes, in fact they are free to view. However, you might be shocked to find that there are also plenty of other free things to do in Washington D.C. from theatre to live music.
The Golden Gate Bridge
Everybody wants that perfect picture on the bridge or of the bridge but driving across is a bit of a hassle because you really never get a good opportunity to see the bridge. IN stead you can walk across the bridge and at 1.7 miles it is a manageable walk or you can rent a bike and take the bike path across. While you do that you might as well head all the way over to Sausalito for lunch and then pedal your way back. On a bright, sunny day this is about as good as it can get in San Francisco. Since there is a good chance that I might be a bit foggy, the bike option helps you keep warm and often gives you a bit better perspective on the size and span of the bridge.
Step through the gates of Downtown Container Park and your attention is drawn to a large tree house that at first glance seems out of place in a spot where you thought you might grab a drink. Not to worry , it is set exactly where you need it as this structure plays host to children during the day and children at heart as the sun sets. A 33’foot slide that entertains children and their parents is part of the draw for parents looking to build the confidence of their young ones and is a tense nail biter for those of us who may or may not be afraid of a little extra altitude in our play structures.  The surrounding area is set up perfectly for families to roam and explore while spending some time at a free attraction.


Head to Chicago and don't miss the Lincoln Park Zoo. One of the oldest zoos in the US. Typically crowded on the weekends, but a really peaceful and immersive treat during the weekdays.  My favorite thing to do is go to the McCormick Bird House during the birds’ feeding and watch the tentative interaction between the zookeeper and the pair of Blyth’s Hornbills (the zookeeper uses a clicker to distract the hornbills and throws a few grapes in its beaks before quickly plopping down the bowl of food). Also, when they flap their wings, it sounds like thunder—very loud and disarming.

The secret is the Freedom Trail.  This 2.5 mile route through the city is a haven for those who crave history and specifically the history of the American Revolution. While discovering the facets of the people and places that played huge roles in the formation of the nation’s perseverance you explore the surrounding neighborhoods and the current population.  This is more than a walk back through history, it is a side-by-side comparison of what happened then and what is happening now. What better way than to see the fruits of the struggles for independence than a walk along the Freedom Trail.

There is never a shortage of good things to do in Maui, Hawaii, but the Kapalua Coastal Trail is among the best. You'll find free public parking right near Kapalua Bay in West Maui and start your adventure from this point. You could also choose to find parking in Napili Bay just a bit further south and start your day hike from there. When I say hike I really mean you walking along the coast in flip-flops. Make sure to have water, a beach towel and some sunscreen. The costal trail hugs the coast and will take you across picturesque Kapalua Bay  ( great opportunity to snorkel) along the secluded Oneloa Bay and past plenty of luxury beach properties until you come to the end at D.T. Fleming Beach Park at Honokahua Bay.  Along the way the views of Molokai in the distance will keep your eye out on the water and stopping points along the bluffs will have you searching for sea turtles swimming along the rocks below. Four picturesque beaches and 1.76 miles of walking accompanied by the best views in Maui all for free.