Wanderlust: A Little Wine With Our Travel To Stir The Imagination

Posted on August 7, 2017

Where should we travel? Get me a map and a bottle of wine and I can dream up plenty of destinations that I want to visit. Recently, we at BuyWine.com became enamored with the idea of Cuba as a destination after looking through a few hundred pictures of old Havana taken by Special Contributor Michael Hiller.  However, our need for travel increased and our ability to dissolve into a deep wanderlust continued as we considered destination after destination.


Cuba Through The Eyes Of A Traveler
Travel is a destination that cannot live only in our imagination. It’s time to go somewhere.


Could you us a bottle of beer on the beach?
"…for us it was a flight to Cancun. And then a 3-hour car ride to the tiny town of Chiquila in the state of Quintana Roo. Then a small boat. A Panga.  At sunset. We wore life vests. We bounced across the strip of an ocean where the Caribbean Sea collides with the Gulf of Mexico.  The choppy waters made for an interesting ride and a wake-up call to the four of us."



Ski boots, warm clothes and plenty of powder
"End your day on Blackcomb Glacier and ski in a glaciated valley between towering mountains and over a giant, moving, piece of ice. The snow is deep and the entry is steep but the views and the endless turns make this an experience that will not be soon forgotten."



Vegas Art...Who are we kidding it's Vegas!
"I am not sure you want to go seeking out in a parking garage on a daily basis but the Garage Art Cosmopolitan Resort is worth a trek through the exhaust. This urban sprawl of art is located on four different levels and fits in just right among the parked cars."


A place to sleep in the city that never sleeps?
Step outside of your hotel room in New York City and you are soon in full-fledged New Yorker mode. That is why you need a centrally located hotel that helps you navigate the arts, entertainment, and nightlife of the city that never sleeps.


A taste of culture in the City of Angels
This is an impressive museum that is both inside the walls of the Page Museum but also on the grounds of the entire campus. You’ll literally walk past oil seeping through the ground and bubbling up at your feet.


Do you really need an excuse to go to wine country?
Now, if you just want to spend some time at the hotel go upstairs to the outdoor patio with a bottle of wine and sit by the fire. You can bet that your version of Napa Valley will be memorable.