The Enticement To Travel From

Posted on April 23, 2018


At our travel interest are as diverse as our love for wine.  While we might enjoy a chilled Rose’ with a view of the ocean we can also be craving a big beefy Cab on the porch of a quaint cottage in wine country. As long as we are with people we enjoy and the atmosphere is positive and inviting almost any destination can tug at our ability to delve deep into wanderlust. How much motivation do you need?

Travel Inspiration

Get Lost on the Kapalua Coastal Trail in Maui, Hawaii
You may never leave the Kapalua Coastal Trail once you begin a simple afternoon hike on it. You see, your soul gets lost with the trade winds and the crashing waves down along the sea cliffs. Stop and stare at the feeding turtles or look off into the distance and spot a breaching whale. There is magic in this spot in West Maui and a little bit of you will stay there. Not to worry, you’ll take a little bit of it home with you as well. 


Swirl, Sip, Savor in Downtown Napa
Curl up with a glass of wine and a fire in Downtown Napa and reinforce your right to ponder. Sit back and think. Sit back and drink. Sit back and relax. From the Andaz Napa you can do just about all you need to do in the Napa Valley or do nothing at all. Don’t worry, they have plenty of wine downstairs and they can feed you if you decide that slowing it down to a crawl is important.
Bet Big in Las Vegas at Aria Resort
You may not be the type to double down on eleven but you should be the type to bet big on a Las Vegas hotel. Dissolve into the spa with a hot stone massage or resist your urge to have too much absinthe at Sage or plunge feet first on to the dance floor at Jewel Nightclub. Take the tram to The Park Las Vegas or explore nearby Bellagio or Cosmopolitan resorts. Epic location. Excellent food options. First class accommodations are all you need in Las Vegas.

Exploring the Price of Freedom in Boston
As you contemplate a visit to the East Coast of the United States you have to seriously consider some time in Boston, Massachusetts. If you love history, The Freedom Trail is definitely what you should be doing.  What better place than the spot where Paul Revere started his journey that has been long dramatized as the start of the American Revolution. Boston, Massachusetts is a city that is not only rich in history but also easy to navigate while injecting some education into your vacation.
The Journey to Portugal
We rode the rail line along the Atlantic Ocean. The train hugged the bank of the river as it twisted and turned, hanging on to the track and inching deep into a steep gorge. Finally, we arrived at the Douro Valley, tucked away in a corner of Western Europe—a place where mountains shot up from the river bank and reached heights of over a thousand meters, a beautiful place renowned for a few reasons to the world while at the same time remained obscure to many people.
Motivate Your Inner Traveler