Savor The View: Foodie Feast For Your Eyes

Posted on December 15, 2017

Author: Zeke Quezada

Date: 5/6/2016

Do you ever seek out a travel destination simply because of the possibilities of good food? Would you travel for a great donut? Does the perfect fish and chips tempt you to purchase an airline ticket?  Great food cities exist all around the planet but what motivates you to find a great place to eat? These 5 ideas for fabulous food might warrant an excursion. Where will you travel next?

This commissary turned restaurant /bakery is home to freshly baked breads that cradle crunchy porchetta or runny eggs. Breakfast, lunch or dinner Gjusta in Venice, Ca is casually luxurious to the taste. Don’t be put off by the crowded patio, wait your turn and then sit back and enjoy the view. The pretty people rival the fabulous food. If it’s hard to decide what to have just understand that the numerous options are all done well so close your eyes and pick. You won’t be disappointed.
Gjusta. 320 Sunset Ave. Venice, CA 90291 (310) 314-0320 Open daily 7am – 9pm

 Tako Poke
It’s the crushed chili and sea salt that bring the octopus to life and the kimchee and sesame seed oil that dance on your tongue or maybe it’s just that you buy this poke’ from a super market in Hawaii. Either way Tako Poke from Foodland in Hawaii is the ultimate excursion into cheap, good, Hawaiian comfort food. Have a picnic on the beach and you're all set.
Foodland. Hawaii Grocery stores.  Open daily

Oysters in Whistler
You don’t want to go indoors when your are in Whistler, Canada. It’s just too beautiful in British Columbia to waste anytime with a roof over your head. However, when the oysters are being shucked and the Canadian beers are being poured how can you not taste the sweetness of the Pacific Northwest?  Go in for oyster happy hour at 3pm, just make sure to arrive early if you want a seat at  the oyster bar.
Arazi Restaurant and Oyster Bar. Whistler Village. Whistler. BC (604) 932-4540

Dry Aged Beef in Las Vegas at Carnevino
If you carve into a dry aged steak and pause to let the aroma seduce you then you will appreciate Carnevino Italian steakhouse at Palazzo Las Vegas.  Their 110 day dry aged New York Strip is spectacular and their 240 day dry aged riserva is so ripe with funky beef flavor that it alters your perception of steak. Don’t ignore the pasta. Be careful with the wine prices.
Carnevino Italian Steakhouse. Palazzo Las Vegas. (702) 789-411 Open Daily 12pm – 11pm

Pike Place Chowder
Yes, there is a line and you will wrestle a table from a tourist but don’t feet. The Chowder is worth it. Throw out your dietary restrictions and get the goods in a bread bowl. Why? Just because. Why? Well, if you have the opportunity to have bread soaked in chowder you should do it. The clams assault your taste buds and the creamy soup help to etch the savory sensation into your memory bank.
Pike Place Market. 1530 Post Alley, Seattle , WA 98101. (206) 267-2537. Open daily 11am-5pm

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