5 Spots To Consider For Your Quick Summer Vacation Getaway

Posted on June 25, 2017

How To Spend Your Summer Vacation

The swimsuit has been on the dresser and you have been working on your tan so now you just need a spot to visit. Can you manage the time for a quick getaway? Does your budget have room for a quick flight or for a full on vacation? Summer is the perfect time for the spontaneous decision to hit the road and travel.
These five spots will have you embracing adventure and excitement this summer. If you seek sunshine there is no better way to embrace the season and reset your inner clock. Grab a cocktail, put on some sunscreen and find a spot buy the pool. Shop, eat, dance or just ignore your phone, summer vacation is the right time to get away to somewhere fun.



Los Angeles – In the middle of summer you might be surprised to find stretches of sand with very few people on them. Los Angeles is weird like that. Just because the beach is there does not mean that everybody will be basking in the sun. The local amusement parks like Disneyland and Six Flags soak up some of the crowds and the great museums like the Getty or LACMA are huge draws. Downtown Los Angeles has the Staples Center, Hollywood has the Walk of Fame and Venice beach has the boardwalk that has some of the best people watching on the planet. The culinary scene in Los Angeles is as good as you can get anywhere so sample some gems at Grand Central Market or seek out Asian specialties in San Gabriel Valley or walk along Abbot Kinney and find a hip bistro to star gaze.


San Diego – With over 260 sunny days each year, this spot right next to the Pacific Ocean is perfect for those of you who just need to work on your tan and get a little relaxation. Couple that with the vibrant cultural scene, the expansive parks and plenty of budget-friendly attractions, and you have the makings of quick getaway that blossoms into a memorable summer vacation all within a quick drive from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Pheonix. Bar crawl in the Gaslamp District and you’ll douse the flames of fatigue with a late night soiree.