Twisted Silver Jewelry

Posted on January 2, 2018

“Come over here, I have the perfect bracelet for you” Debra Mitchell took my wrist and gently put on a piece of chain that looked both rough around the edges and elegant at the same time. I smiled in the polite way I know how but failed to mention that I was not really a jewelry guy. But at that point, Debra, who started the Twisted Silver Brand after toying with wind chimes and metal objects as a mean to fill some time after her children grew older charmed me with her passion and her positive demeanor. She filled me in on her love for discarded items that she saw as art pieces and treasures instead of trash. What she saw in a discarded piece of metal chain became an attractive accessory on my wrist and lent a bit of softness to my otherwise rough exterior.

“This looks good on you.” And soon another woman walked by and said, “Oh, that is nice.” Well, tell a guy that he looks good and he’ll do just about anything. It wasn’t until I was home that my teenage son took a look at the bracelet and co-opted it as his own that I realized that this was quite the product. You don’t know what you want until it’s gone. My next visit with her I made sure to get another bracelet as well as one for my son.



The Twisted Silver Brand is a distinct look in the jewelry world with an attempt to be perfectly edgy and grasp at perfection through imperfect materials. As if you could shine up and dust off an old Ford and make it look just as nice as a new Tesla Twisted Silver takes what appears to be a discarded trinket and gives it new life in the form of fashionable jewelry with a story. A history. A calling.

From a woman’s perspective, I have heard the Twisted Silver look described as comfortable, casual, elegant and chic. As if there are no lines that cannot be crossed by a strong sense of style and creativity that comes from the gift that the designers have at Twisted Silver.

Twisted Silver Subscription 

Twisted Silver Offers a Monthly Subscription Box filled with individuality and creativity as each piece is hand selected and delivered to your door. The box arrives with over $100 worth of New, exclusive, or well-loved mixed metal Twisted Silver Jewelry.

You can find the details on their subscription service at:

Just in time for the Holidays:

 Twisted Silver 12 Days of Christmas - This will begin on the 1st of December. Full of new designs featuring mixed metals, earthy elements, and up-cycled goodness! 

What: One BRAND NEW item offered at a special price & free shipping for 24 hours. Item is available after the feature day, but at the regular price & not free shipping. If just purchasing 12-day item, shipping is free. If adding more to the cart, shipping for entire cart will be free with min $50 purchase - otherwise, shipping will be charged.