The Travelogue: Can San Francisco Be Inexpensive?

Posted on February 6, 2018

San Francisco is one of those cities that pack a lot of energy into a small footprint. From culturally rich neighborhoods to dazzling attractions to sweeping views of what Mother Nature has in store for people in this Northern California town there is so much happening in the Bay Area that you have to consider it for a quick getaway. The question is, can you make it happen for a good price?


Waking up with a craving for a hearty breakfast while staying at the top of Nob Hill in San Francisco I looked out my window and caught a glimpse of Sausalito and decided that I must fulfill my urge.   A few minutes later I am driving across the Golden Gate Bridge, below me San Francisco Bay is emptying out into the Pacific Ocean and boats are already populating the surface of the choppy water. The sky is mixture of bright blue, grey clouds and patchy fog trying to hold on to what little momentum it had as the sun rose.
The small town of Sausalito on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge welcomes me with no fanfare. It is a sleepy place that feels romantic upon arriving. The motivated are on their bikes getting in some early exercise and the rest of the town seems to have slept in. My destination is a small coffee shop, The Lighthouse, nothing fancy aside from the way they create a simple American breakfast. There is no pretense to what they do and completely unlike the fine dining restaurants in the city the price is affordable. I watch as the line cook behind the counter masterfully fills each ticket. The bacon gets prepared, the potatoes get grilled and the pancakes are perfected. My coffee cup never runs empty and the sourdough is warm, crusty and goes perfect with a heaping serving of butter.