Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen Las Vegas

Posted on March 6, 2018

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Gordon Ramsay is a lot nicer when you actually meet him. You expect him to lash out and scream something instead he sits down, ask you a question and you wonder if you should stop believing everything you see on television.
We had the opportunity to visit with Chef Ramsay in Las Vegas recently as he opened his newest addition to the Las Vegas culinary landscape. Hell’s Kitchen opened to a crowded dining hall and word of it now being the hardest table to get in Las Vegas. Luckily for me I had an invitation so I would not be braving the crowds outside the front door.
While my time with Chef Ramsay was limited to small talk about his restaurants and the work ethic of the people he had running them we were treated to a healthy portion of his food and cocktails. If anything can be said about Gordon Ramsay, is he knows hi sway into a guy’s heart, feed him with plenty of beef and liquor!
Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas
The large main dining hall is a scene from a reality television show. The expansive show kitchen places everyone on display as if the cameras were rolling and the competition was set to begin. A long bar that is perfect for Las Vegas socializing anchors the west wall and picture framing windows dominate the view from everywhere else. This buzz in the room is palpable and if you seek out a high energy dining experience this is what Vegas and Gordon Ramsay do quite well.