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  • Planning Your Post Summer Travel

    Author: Zeke Quezada Date: 09-03-2017

    Author: Zeke Quezada Date: 6/16/2016 Just as summer approaches you might begin your quest to seek out a great summer vacation. However, as you l

  • Paris Cheese Day January 25th, 2016

    Author: Zeke Quezada Date: 09-03-2017

    Author: Joseph Filutze & Alma Callan Date: 1/9/2016 Paris Cheese Day is a new event that will begin its inauguration on January 25, 2016

  • Pride Mountain Vineyards

    Author: Zeke Quezada Date: 10-03-2017

    Author: Mike Madigan Date: 7/28/2015 Drive up Calistoga, then right on St. Helena Road, and about 6 miles later you find Spring Mountain Roa

  • Pouring a Perfect Pint at Dublin's Guinness Storehouse

    Author: Zeke Quezada Date: 30-06-2017

    One of the highlights I experienced on a past travel writers trip to Dublin was a visit to the Guinness Storehouse, where an expert gave me a detailed demonstration in the are of pouring a perfect pint.

  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republican

    Author: Zeke Quezada Date: 02-07-2016

    The Dominican Republic is a misunderstood island simply because their infrastructure makes it difficult to be a true vacation destination. Travelers will love it because of the rich history and the possibility of a quick adventure to Haiti. The beaches are stunning and th

  • Prickly Pear Caye, Anguilla

    Author: Zeke Quezada Date: 02-07-2016

    You arrive by boat. Your feet sink in the bright white sand. You instantly think about paradise. You wish you never had to leave. This tiny collection of islands off the coast of mainland Anguilla are more than a pretty postcard. If you seek the quintessential paradise Pr