Tour The Broad Museum In Los Angeles

Posted on 17-05-2017

Author: Zeke Quezada

Date: 4/18/2016

There is something relaxing about walking through a gallery of art and stopping for a beat to look at something. You don’t have to really enjoy the art, you just have to pause and stare for a moment. In that small bit of time you actually think about something. You actually engage your brain in an activity that takes you away from what you might otherwise be preoccupied with. That is the beauty of art.

The Broad Museum in Los Angeles is a spectacle of art built entirely wth private money and free to the public. It is set right in the center of the city and convenient from plenty of the attractions that take people to Downtown Los Angeles. It is also very popular as plenty of people found on a recent Saturday afternoon where lines to get in reached up to 2 hours in waiting time.
To be fair, reservations can be made well in advance to avoid any wait to get into the Broad Museum.
Take a quick tour of some of the pieces in the collection. This should tempt you to include it in your itinerary the next time you visit the City of Angels.

The gallery with Jeff Koons "Tulips"

Jean Michel Basquiat has a few peices on display at the Broad Musuem in Los Angeles.  This is "Eyes and Eggs"

Roy Lichtenstein is prominently displayed at the Broad Museum. This is actually two peices, "Rouen Cathedral, Set 3" and "Goldfish Bowl"

Raymond And Toby, John Ahearn, 1989, Oil on fiberglass

Under The Table, Robert Therien, 1994

DOB In The Strabge Forest (Blue DOB), Takashi Murakami, 1999

Broad Museum, Downtown Los Angeles
221 S. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Open Tuesday - Sunday 11 am - 5pm
Thursday - Saturday 11am - 8pm