CabFest 2016 Napa Valley- March 4th-6th

Posted on 14-03-2017

Author: Joseph Filutze & Alma Callan

Date: 1/10/2016

The Napa Valley CabFest Benefit is scheduled to return March 4-6, 2016. This premiere event will host a “Luxurious Lifestyle of Wine, Food and Entertainment" intended to bring wine lovers and art enthusiasts to the Napa Valley to enjoy great Cabs and experience local arts education. Last year’s event gathered more than 2,000 supporters from all over including outside states and 3 different countries. This year’s event hopes to bring more followers as the passion for great wine and the arts entices a wide-range of admirers.

The Cab Fest Napa Valley will be held at the Napa Valley Performing Arts Center at Lincoln Theater. The Performing Arts Center is a nonprofit organization focused on supporting future artists and enthusiasts interested in expressing their talents and educating individuals by community participation and beneficial programs. Dance, Film, Theater, and Opera along with special Festivals are some of the fundamental acts that bring culture and understanding to the community.



The CabFest will include a 3 day arts benefit beginning Friday night with concert performed by singer/ songwriter Mat Kearney and a VIP after party featuring Cigars & Guitars. The next 2 days will be filled with an abundant collection of fine Cabernets available for tasting accompanied by fine food and the CabFest Symposium. Wines will be presented by hundreds of wineries including boutique wineries highlighting their preferred Cabernets to attending guests. There will be no shortage of fine cuisine, and chefs will have a chance to entice the crowd with an array of fine foods that will pair and compliment the exclusive Cabernets. The CabFest Symposium will be hosted by Winemakers, Sommeliers, Chefs, and the well-known author of “The Wine Bible” Karen MacNeil.

Tickets can be purchased and more Information can be found at: