Pour The French Wine, It's Bastille Day!

Posted on 14-07-2017


It’s Bastille Day, July 14, so naturally we should be working on our French!   Okay, maybe we should have studied a bit more during high school but these days we just need a few phrases to help us impress our friends and order the good stuff at our favorite bistro.

What is Bastille Day?
“it was the day of la Fête de la Fédération, a joyous celebration in 1790 that honored the new French Republic and commemorated the one year anniversary of the storming of the Bastille (a prison where Louis XVI jailed citizens for speaking out against the government). By the transitive property, la fête du 14-juillet does celebrate this bloody and symbolic victory during the French Revolution, but the holiday is mostly about national pride”  -via http://frenchmorning.com/en/france-doesnt-celebrate-bastille-day-2/

While the French may not outwardly celebrate the day, in the US we tend to look for a reason to celebrate, so Vive La France!
5 French Phrases That You Should Be Practicing This Bastille Day:
(click on the link to listen to the translation)

    • “Puis-je obtenir plus de vin”   - listen to this   Translation: Can I get more wine?


    • While most of us will here bon appétit and understand it as “Enjoy Your meal” why not try “Cette nourriture est fabuleux !”  - listen to this  Translation: This food is fantastic.


    •  We also hear bon voyage as a message on safe travels but what if the next time you travelled you simply said “Ne vous attendez pas à un appel pendant que je suis en vacances” – listen to this Translation: Don't expect a call while I am on holiday


    • If you are feeling romantic and there is an ocean nearby make sure to use this line, “Marchons à la plage et regarder le coucher du soleil“  - listen to this Translation: Let's walk to the beach and watch the sunset


  • “Pouvez-vous jamais avoir assez de vin et de fromage ?” – listen to this Translation: Can you ever have enough wine and cheese?

So what should we be drinking on Bastille Day?
Barolo of course! Joking, you need to celebrate the middle of summer with a crisp, dry Alsace followed by a velvety burgundy!