Wine and Pizza

Posted on 10-03-2017

Author: Mike Madigan

Date: 8/23/2015

One of the most obvious pairings that I can think of for wine, and the most fun, and the most human.  Again, very much what wine’s intended to be, and innately is.  Fun.  Some recommendations, or “Tips” as it so categorically were, A Dry Creek Zin with a Sicilian-style pizza.  Now, I know, “Why not pair it with a Barbera, or Super Tuscan, or Sangio’?” Well, you could, but since we’re in California, and Zin is known to be the California varietal, try one with bold but not obnoxious fruit composition and forwardness, enjoy how it syncs and aligns lovingly with the herbs and earthy dimensions, spicy sausage, and that fluffy comforting dough upon which the Sicilian style prides itself.
Another nice wine-pizza harmony I always find is created by a dry Viognier and a four or five cheese pizza.  The fruit rhythm and body of dry Viogniers has always presented itself to me as somewhat of a tropical-somewhere-meets-California tone and tune.  Just the like the cheese varieties on this pie style.  That functionality of apple, pear, apricot, and subdued but still visible pineapple always matches the cheesy kaleidoscope.  With this pairing, expect fruit and the rustic nature of the cheese to present more sensory excitement than you might expect from the all-too-common wine & cheese assumptions.

So many people laugh or at least giggle a little when I mention wine and pizza having the most obvious marriage.  But why?  So many love pizza, and we all here at love our wine so next time we’re all in the office I’m going to make it a point to have some bottles at ready and some wild artisan pizzas on the table where I usually work.  And you should do the same.  Be experimental!  Have fun and just remember, flavor to flavor.  Try to offset any sweet suggestion with spice and texture, like the cheesy pizza, and bold fruit to equalled vocal earth, pepper, spicy ebbs.  Intensity to intensity, preference to preference.  It can only be delicious, however you try it.