Young Does Not Mean Bad

Posted on 10-03-2017

Author: Mike Madigan

Date: 8/8/2015

Not bad at all.  Yes, if a wine is young it needs time.  But, as well with this title, I suggest we drink more wines that are technically “young”.  Why?  To experience the boldness of the flavors in the profiles and more true nature of the wine itself; more energy and forwardness, if you will.  Yes, there’s a point after bottling where a wine is just not ready, I get that.  BUT, we should try our wines maybe a bit ahead of schedule just to see where they are and interact with them while in their development of character and stature and see how the varietal’s voice is forming.  So many times I hear someone say “Oh it’s young.”, dismissing the wine entirely or trying to minimize it somehow.  Or, “It needs time.”, which is my favorite.  My response: “Well, it may be young, and it may need time, but what is it saying now?”  What is the wine’s impression, NOW?  So, another “tip” from me: look for a wine in your cellar that you know is young.  Open it.  See what it has to say, and be openminded to what the wine says.  You may be surprised, you may learn something about the wine...  And even better, you may be surprised.