Walk A Vineyard

Posted on 10-03-2017

Author: Mike Madigan

Date: 8/3/2015

            At any stage in the development of the grapes, whether there’s fruit on the vines or not.  Why?  To see it.  To feel it.  To have more closeness with what you sip.   Bring your camera, take pictures, be part of the vineyard.  Absorb your surroundings and take your time, make time for you walk, an extended walk!  “But how does this relate to tasting wine and better understanding of what I’m sipping?” you could ask.  Well, the aim isn’t necessarily “better” understanding, but a more intimate understanding of what you’re sipping; from the soil to the canes, the leaves, the trellising system if there is one, the flats and the hillsides...  Everything we enjoy about wine begins in and is dependent upon the vineyards and their maintenance.  And quite honestly, it’s altogether calming just walking a vineyard.  It’s a way for we wine lovers to meditate and more closely appreciate the wines we open for dinner, or right when we get home after a long day.  Education in wine should always consider and involve the vineyards...  the vineyards!  It’s all about the vineyards!  The soil and the Earth and the vines that give us those amazing clusters we eventually have in our glasses.  So... go for a walk!  And enjoy!