Gently introduce your non-wine-drinking friends to the wonderful world of wine!

Posted on 10-03-2017

Author: Sue Straight

Date: 6/20/2015

If you have friends whose alcoholic beverage of choice is usually beer or cocktails, but they are willing to give wine a go, try the following:
 On a nice warm day, share a chilled sweeter style white wine with them, like a Riesling or Gewürztraminer. Prosecco, a fruity sparkler from Italy or Cava, a sassy Spanish sparkler are both excellent and refreshing and tend to be reasonably priced choices as well. I call these types of wines “patio pounders”, because you can easily pound back a few glasses while sitting on your patio. Hic! 

Invite your non-wine-drinking friend over to dinner and serve a big, fruity (red) Zinfandel with your main course. Zinfandel pairs well with BBQ ribs, salmon, Tri-Tip, pizza and pastas with spicy sauces. 
Take your friend out for a day of wine tasting and encourage them to ask your tasting host(s) questions. 

Have your friend try a nice, dry Rosé. Don’t fear the pink. There are lots of great, easy-drinking Rosés available right now and they are a really good “gateway wine.” 

Take your friend on a wine-buying trip at your favorite wine shop. Let them look at all the pretty labels and pick out a few fun wines to try together. Can you say “adventure?” I knew you could. 

Answer their questions about wine to the best of your ability. Learning about wine can be intimidating, but remember, wine really is just a beverage and it should be fun! 

Do a blind tasting for them. Buy two or three fruity white wines and two or three softer (not tannic) reds, put them in brown bags, pour and ask your friend what their impression of the wines is. Serve fun snacks to go with the wines. Offer them bonus points for descriptors! 

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Suggest some books for them to read. My favorite wine books include: 
  • The Wine Lover’s Companion by Ron Herbst and Sharon Tyler Herbst
  • The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil
  • How to Taste by Jancis Robinson
  • Wine Genius by Janice Fuhrman
  • Wine For Dummies by Ed McCarthy & Mary Ewing-Mulligan


Sue Straight
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