Dress Appropriately

Posted on 10-03-2017

Author: Sue Straight

Date: 4/29/2015

No, I’m not talking wine country dress code here, just comfort and practicality.

The weather in wine country is often changeable, so it’s always a good idea to dress in layers and bring a sweater. If a winery does a tour or tasting in a cave or cellar, it is almost always chilly.Another tip is to wear comfortable shoes. Most tasting rooms don’t have tables, so expect to be on your feet much of the day. I recently went on a winery tour in Napa where we walked about a half mile through the vineyards and up a small hill. I was blessing my sensible (yet stylish!) shoes. Stiletto heels just don’t cut it in wine country. They sure look good, though…

If you are comfortable during your wine country adventure, you are sure to enjoy it more and that’s what it’s all about!