Varietal Details

Brachetto (Bra-ket'-to)

Posted on 11-03-2017

 Antipasto, Tart Green Apples, Goat Cheese, Muenster Cheese, Fried Chicken, Poached White Fish, Garlic, Fettucine, pickled beets, Tarragon, Prosciutto, Quail, Squab, Grilled Sardines, Trout, Tomatoes, Steamed Mussels, Sea Bass

 With spring comes a whole new array of aromas and flavors that awaken the senses to new fresh beginnings. There to greet these new beginnings is this sweet varietal often found in a sparkling form. Wisps of freshly picked red berries and daffodils bellow upon the nose while a soft yet bright field strawberries sweeten the tongue upon the finish. Youthful yet whimsical this wine is perfect for a new chapter in the season.