Varietal Details

Beaujolais (Bo'-zho-lay)

Posted on 11-03-2017

What is the Beaujolais wine grape and what food do you pair it with? 


 Stewed Beef, Bacon, Charcuterie, Cheddar Cheeses, Cherries, Roasted chicken, Mild Curries, Halibut in a red sauce, hamburger, Stewed lamb, Baked Macaroni, Omelets, Pizza, Pork Sausage, Raw Vegetables, Grilled Tuna, Buttered Garlic Stuffed Escargot on Grilled Flatbread

 Caramelized brussels sprouts with diced pancetta on a bed of piccolo farro, seasoned lightly with rosemary and surrounded by bites of trumpet mushrooms would set the stage perfectly for this act and would be a tough one to follow. Unless followed by a juicy hedonistic burger with steak frites.


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