Varietal Details

Cabernet Pfeffer (Cab'-er-nay Fef-fur')

Posted on 11-03-2017

 Steak Tartare, Red Sauce Pastas, Meatloaf, Swordfish w/ Harissa

 Rising in obscurity is this 'spicy-in-attitude' grape which literally has taken its name from the German word for pepper. This long lost son of Cabernet Sauvignon has been thought to be somewhat of a bastard child as it had been secretly cloned with another french varietal known as Trousseau. Uncommon in Europe however, gained popularity in the late 19th Century in the west coast of California. This grape can be stubborn in nature exuding attractive and hypnotic red hues to its sippers, however, upon tasting holds a grip tightly full of of tannins with flavors of red maraschino cherry and runs away with a slight bitter root and black pepper finish.