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You want to learn about wine from the wine grapes you love to the wine grapes you have never heard about. These are the wine varietals found around the world in vineyards big and small. If you love Barolo where does the grape come from? You enjoy Shiraz, what goes well with it?

 At we aim to help you connect with the grapes that you love and the wine that you have yet to discover. Wine is about social interaction and knowledge as well as fun and discovery.

Ready your taste buds for a journey into stimulating flavors and palate-pleasing wine and food pairings. Get ready to sample varietals in your mind's eye and take the wine adventure of your dreams. 

The "Varietals/Wines" section is a place where knowledgeable wine people can sharpen their skills, or the novice can "dive-in" and begin educating themselves on the many different varietals around the world. Our explanation and pronunciation make it easy to comprehend, and you will find informative facts and tips in this section.

The" Varietals/Wines" section describes what type of Wine it is, where it's from, and what food it best pairs with. You will definitely increase your knowledge of varietals, and find it easy to learn while having fun.

These pages are an excellent source of knowledge for anyone starting their wine education or for the well-rounded astute wine aficionado that would like to sharpen their wealth of knowledge.

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