• Winemaking

    Date: 19-07-2017

    Wine is not all one thing. Winemaking processes different from grape to grape, from region to region, from high-end to low-end, certainly from style to style. To break down this complicated subject at least a little bit, we will cover winemaking by dividing it into five g

  • World Wine Regions Europe Slovakia

    Date: 17-07-2017

    Slovakia produces its wine along most of its southern border with Austria and Hungary.  The Malokarpatská, “Lesser Carpathian” wine region, is in the west. Veltlínske Zelenéis is the most grown

  • World Wine Regions Europe Serbia and Kosovo

    Date: 17-07-2017

    Wine in Serbia goes back to Roman time, but the twentieth century saw the near total destruction of Serbia’s grapevines. First came the devastation of phylloxera, then two world wars, the post-war era of communist collectivization of agriculture in Yugoslavia, and f

  • The Wine Regions of France Those Blank Spots on the Map

    Date: 18-07-2017

    The blank spots on the map of France, circled and numbered above, require some explanation (beyond the fact that every inch of France produces some kind of interesting food).  Blank Spot 1, representing Normandy and Brittany,