A Wine Education Made Easy

By Zeke Quezada

In A Wine Education Made Easy: Understanding the Grapes and the Wine We Love,  Buywine.com removes the cloak of secrecy that envelopes the wine world. It answers the questions about the sparkling side of your wine or the funny feeling on your tongue when you taste a “dry” wine. You learn about the history of winemaking and the reasons why some grapes are preferred over others. You can become a wine expert in a matter of hours and with a few pages of reading. Soon, you’ll become the life of the party with all the fun facts about wine from the one book that you MUST have.


The 5 Reason Why You Should Read This Book


You will learn enough about wine that you will no longer feel pressured to overspend on wine when you dine out. A little bit of knowledge goes a long way and the moment a sommelier approaches your table you will have the knowledge to ask the right questions. By the end of the night,bottles will show up at your table just for you to “taste” and your glass will never run empty.   Go ahead, click and you can buy it


You will soon learn all about the wonderful world of wines in Italy and that will make your midweek spaghetti and meatballs feel fancier than ever. Soon, you’ll discover the Piedmont region and all of your friends will boast about how much you love the Nebbiolo grape. You will toss out terms like Super Tuscan, Barolo and Sangiovese as if you have been crushing the grapes with your own toes for years. If you click you can preview the book


You will be the person at the dinner party who can wax poetically about the Rioja region of Spain and how you would name your children Garnacha and Tempranillo. In the middle of summer you will open a beautiful Albarino and your neighbors will shower you with compliments. All of this wine knowledge will soon make you in-laws rethink their opinion of you.  Are you reading enough? Find the book on Amazon


You love knowledge and you love learning new things. This book was written specifically for a person just like you. You will not read it cover to cover, you will simply take a few tidbits here and there on separate occasions just to make sure you have a conversation starter. This is the book that will sit on your coffee table so that friends think you are more cultured than you actually are. This book is part of your grand scheme to show everyone that you, in fact, are better than the 1% because you never pay too much for bad wine.  What was the last book you read? It was not as good as this. Trust me.


You’ll buy A Wine Education Made Easy: Understanding the Grapes and the Wine We Love because you want to be like all of these celebrities who cannot stop reading the book!

Viola Davis loves reading about wine


Steven Bauer stopped going to the set of Ray Donovan just because the book was giving him more knowledge than he could handle.


Well…actually, Ser’Darius Blain of Jumanji, knows so much about wine that he actually is going to help with the second edition. As he told me, “As an actor, I was working in restaurants and I learned a lot about wine right there.” With that said, I would sit around talking grapes with this guy.


Naomi Grossman of American Horror Story is so sweet you would think she just likes dessert wines, but she knows her stuff and she can ponder the nuances of the grapes with the best of them.


You understand if she was reading to you from this book you might not ever stop learning about wine. She is dazzling and she loves reading about wine as well!.


Table of Contents

Chapter One                 What Exactly Is Wine?

Chapter Two                A Short History of Wine

Chapter Three              Wine Grape Species

Chapter Four                Red Wine Grapes & Their Personalities

Chapter Five                 White Wine Grapes & Their Personalities

Chapter Six                       Wine Environments

Chapter Seven             Vine Diseases and Pests

Chapter Eight               Viticulture

Chapter Nine               Wine Making

Chapter Ten                      Wine Chemistry

Chapter Eleven            Wine and Health

Chapter Twelve           World Wine Regions – North America

Chapter Thirteen         World Wine Regions – South America

Chapter Fourteen            World Wine Regions – Australia

Chapter Fifteen                World Wine Regions – South Africa

Chapter Sixteen               World Wine Regions – France

Chapter Seventeen         World Wine Regions – Italy

Chapter Eighteen            World Wine Regions – Spain

Chapter Nineteen           World Wine Regions – Germany

Chapter Twenty              World Wine Regions – Europe

Chapter Twenty One      World Wine Regions – Middle East

Chapter Twenty Two     World Wine Regions – Asia