Let’s Make Bad Decisions

By Zeke Quezada

It was probably at least 10 years ago when I made a flagrant wine purchase. Well, I have made plenty of them in the past but this one sticks out in my head. It was a cold, snowy night in Washinton D.C. and I forgot wine for a dinner party. I had already had a few glasses and I decided that I would walk downstairs to the neighborhood bodega and buy a bottle of whatever they had. 

I did. 

A bought a bottle simply because it had an impressive label. I should pint out that the little bodega actually had a great selection of wine, but that night I made a quick impulse buy simply out of convenience. Or laziness. Or my lack of proper planning. 

I bought this, well a different vintage but this is the label:

Is it wrong to buy a bottle based entirely on its label?

The Wine: Educated Guess- Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa County – Roots Run Deep Winery

To this day, I still buy their wine. While I love a great vintage or a specific appellation or grape, great marketing is not lost on me as a wine consumer and a wine lover. The art on the outside of the bottle can be just important, at times, as the art and the passion inside the bottle.

You can be sure that if you check my wine refrigerator you’ll find the Roots Run Deep Hypothesis, Highed Education and Bound and Determined ready to be opened. 

You see, one flagrant purchase so long ago has educated me to make sure to keep those good looking labels nearby. One more thing, if a winemaker is passionate about what the bottle looks like on the outside you can probably be sure he cares about what is on the inside.

A Few Other Wine Labels You Should Check Out

Folly of the Beast: The process of making affordable quality wine is like seeking out a white whale. That’s good enough for me but what makes this an automatic purchase is the Herman Melville quote from Moby Dick. Also, I am a sucker for a Whale Fluke.

Winery: Winc, Santa Maria

Omen: “Enjoy when camping, hiking or watching your favorite movie on TV” No need to ask twice. Any wine that realizes that my best drinking comes on the couch deserves a spot my drinking rotation.

Winery: Omen Winery

The Federalist: The aging in Bourbon barrels is a nice touch but if I am being honest this label allows me to talk about the Federalist Papers at dinner parties. I don’t talk politics but if I get to talk about the Constitution and the birth of our nation, well then my Political Science degree seems like it is finally paying off. 

Winery: Federalist Wines

Machete: Someone has to bring sexy back to wine and they do a good job. The bottle looks like a Quentin Tarantino Film.

Winery: Orin Swift Wines

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