Red or White?

What is your mood when you decide to open a bottle of wine? Is it bright and fresh or moody and dark? Do you prefer acidity in your wine or are you searching for a sweet sensation on your tongue? The question is one that seems to come up at dinner parties and kitchen counters anywhere people enjoy wine.

The simple question: Do you want red wine or white wine?

In our home, a bottle of bubbles is always an option. When a giant piece of beef makes it way on to our grill a big bold red breaks out of its shell in a decanter and when the sun is high in the sky you can bet a crisp white wine is being poured to ease the afternoon into evening.

How do you decide on a wine?

In a survey sponsored by Coravin and conducted by OnePoll 2000 Americans were asked about their wine drinking nuances and some interesting tidbits were revealed.


  • More likely to be a “wine aficionado”
  • Early bird
  • Introvert
  • Prefer dogs to cats
  • Listen to jazz music
  • More likely to identify as adventurous, humble and organized
  • Willing to spend slightly more per bottle ($40)


  • Less likely to be a “wine aficionado”
  • Night owl
  • Extrovert
  • Prefer cats to dogs
  • Listen to punk music
  • More likely to identify as curious, sarcastic and perfectionists
  • Willing to spend slightly less per bottle ($37)

Coravin produces a wine opening device that allows the wine lover to drink only what they want and preserve the rest of the bottle for a later time.

Imagine coming home and deciding that you can now enjoy a single glass of red without the dear of wasting an entire bottle.

A telling fact from the research suggested that: The average respondent finishes three bottles of wine a month to stop them from going to waste, but throws out two partially-full bottles that have gone bad.

You have to applaud the great habits of wine drinkers!

So, will you be having red or white? A full bottle or just a glass?