The Five Essential Wine Books

Yes, we have a book about wine “A Wine Education Made Easy” but you should have plenty of resources available to you.

What are they? So glad you asked, These are 5 books about wine that should be on your bookshelf. Ok, maybe they should be on your e-reader because people don’t seem to be holding books anymore. We still like the feel of pages flipping through our fingers.

The Wine Books You Should Be Reading.


You should read this book by Marissa A. Ross because she uses the word Winesplained in her introduction. You should read this book because you love wine but you have no problem finishing an entire bottle on a Tuesday night after having a bowl of cereal. You should read this book because we all need a friend who knows wine but also knows that having fun with wine is far more important than sticking your nose in a glass and explaining that a hint of cassis stems from the winemaker’s formal education in Burgundy. In other words, if you love wine, fun and more wine, this book is for you.


Do you remember those encyclopedias on the shelf in the library? Most people don’t but imagine an endless supply of references for any given topic in volumes and volumes of books. Well, this book is like that for wine. At just under 1000 pages this is a comprehensive examination to everything that is wine. The beginning wine drinker might find this book a bit daunting and superfluous but for the wine professional or ardent wine lover this is the best of the best. If you need to know something about wine there is a good chance you’ll have the answer inside the “The Oxford.”


This book is about tasting wine. SPecifically tasting European wine. If you are looking for straight knowledge this is not for you. If you want to study the art of tasting while exploring vintages and varietals in Europe you will find this book is extremely relevant. It is a bit more technical and probably deserves a more discerning audience. Tasting can be serious business and the authors go about doing their part to make sure you understand how do craft your palate as well as your knowledge of Europe’s wines.


When you take a look at the impressive infographics you realize that this is made for those us who have decided to drink while we learn about wine. This book is great for both experienced drinkers and beginners, however, the newbies to wine might find it more beneficial. There is so much information that speaks to understanding the simplicity of wine and that is why this book would be ideal for your partner who just started enjoying reds from Spain or for your Boss who has decided that a wine cellar would be a conversation piece. This book is not a complicated wine tome, instead, it is about making wine easy to understand while still supplying important information.


In a book designed for consumers who want to move forward in their wine appreciation, the author does a spectacular job of helping the average wine drinker figure out just what they like. While we know what we like we often have a hard time describing it. This book not only helps you through the tasting process but also helps you find better value in wine. If you feel the need to rank your wine this book will help you with that but it also will help you debunk most rankings as well. The best part is that it is written in fun and engaging prose that really speaks to what drinking wine should be and that is having fun.


Are you ready to start reading or drinking?

Here is one more book to read! has published A Wine Education Made Easy