Why Do You Drink Wine?

In a recent study by JaM Cellars…

(Ok we get it, not big research think tank but anyone who makes wine should be allowed to conduct some simple research. Why? Because we love wine and they love wine so let’s find out some interesting facts about wine.)

Back to the research. 2000 Americans were asked a few questions about wine and lifestyle. We don’t know if they were drinking wine but if they would have called us at BuyWine.com there would have been a good chance that we would have had a bottle or two open.

The Poll Details: A study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with JaM Cellars, the makers of Butter Chardonnay examined the wine drinking habits and behaviors of 2,000 Americans

Fun Facts about wine from this study that was conducted by Jam Cellars.

In the study, America named a glass of wine as their best little treat. While we agree do you think they forgot to mention chocolate, cheese, and pastrami as options. Naturally, we choose wine with each of these all the time but we just thought we would ask.

The Optimum time for wine is 6:59pm according to this study. We agree, that is a pretty good time especially since dinner will start at 7 so you want to lubricate before you sit down for a meal. We should mention that we also believe that it is five ‘oclock somewhere, so at BuyWine.com most days we have a few favorite times for a glass of wine.

66 percent of the people surveyed revealed they enjoy a nice glass of wine at home. We agree while a nice restaurant is always good, why get bogged down in the details of a complicated wine list when you can open any bottle you want and sit on the couch with your favorite wine companion?

Wine was tops amongst life’s little pleasures according to this study beating out some heavy contenders such as Date Night, a massage, a home cooked meal and the smell of fresh laundry. We didn’t conduct the survey but I wonder where a romantic interlude would fall on this list. Just asking for a friend.

Can you guess where people enjoy drinking the most while at home? 

You guessed it, the couch:



Why Do People Drink Wine

62% – It’s relaxing 

57% – I enjoy the taste 

37% – It’s a great way to have fun with family and friends 

36% – It pairs well with the food I’m cooking and eating 

34% – It’s a great way to celebrate, like at a party 

Where Do You Drink Wine?

Top 5 Places to Drink Wine at Home

46% – On the couch 

29% – On the back patio 

24% – At the kitchen table 

23% – By the pool 

19% – While cooking dinner 

Who Do You Want to Drink With?

51% – By myself 

49% – With my husband/wife/spouse/partner 

39% – With my friends 

34% – With my best friend 

10% – With my sister(s)